About Me

A selfie of me on Mt. Rainier. Behind my head, you can see Mt. Adams looming in the distance.

Hi, there. My name is John.

I’m a designer and developer from Orlando living in Tacoma. I’m currently a Product Designer at ProSource. When I’m not at my desk, I’m most likely hiking around the beautiful state of WA.


I owe many thanks to those whom offered design feedback, technical support, and encouragement — you know who you are. This site is primarily typeset in Söhne by Klim Type Foundry and is licensed to John Eatmon. The serif typeface is Newsreader by Production Type.


This website is built with AstroJS, a dash of CSS, and a hint of JavaScript. If you’re curious about the Astro integrations I used for this site, you can check out the project on GitHub. This site is hosted for free by Netlify and images are served by Cloudflare Images. The site is tracked with Plausible Analytics, a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics.


Email: hi@jmae.xyz