Inspired by Tom MacWright’s “Recently” posts, I am taking up a similar activity to journal about the things I’m doing.

Last weekend, I saw Polish pianist and singer Hania Rani in Seattle. The concert was intimate and magical. Not to mention, the cathedral where the concert took place was stunning.

A picture from the inside of a large cathedral as concert-goers take their seats. Twilight streams through the stained glass windows. In the center are a series of pews and chairs occupied by concert-goers. There is a piano and an assortment of synthesizers and other instruments near the alter area. Hanging chandeliers dimly glow with a warm, inviting light.


I’m currently enjoying the lead single from Nils Frahm’s upcoming album, Music for Animals.

ODESZA’s upcoming album has Ólafur Arnalds and Julianna Barwick as guest features; to say I am excited is an understatement.


I am rewatching The Boys. Well, let me clarify. I began watching the show a year or so ago and only made it through the first two episodes. I’ve now made it past four episodes, and I’m already enjoying the show more on this second try.


Last year — in a final push to complete my undergraduate degree — I read so much in a short span, I kinda burned myself out from reading. I need to get back into the habit. I’ve got a few books already on my shelf that I aim to start.


I am completing the Google UX Design Professional Certificate program on Coursera. At the time of writing, I am nearly complete with the first course out of seven total. I aim to complete the certificate by end of August.