On Labor Day weekend, I completed a challenging hike I’d been training for the past month or so. I hiked up to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and could not have been more perfect. I used this hike as a litmus test for more challenging adventures. If the weather cooperates, my goal is to summit Mt. Adams before the end of September. Although, with the wildfire conditions at present, this may not be possible.

A picture from Camp Muir on Mt. Tahoma (Rainier). In the distance, the peaks of nearby Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Saint Helens are clearly visible.


I’m currently enjoying the newly-released album Stellar Drifting by George Fitzgerald. I loved his album All That Must Be, released back in 2018.


I finished all three seasons of The Boys. I’m now watching the new LOTR The Rings of Power show. It’s…okay. My gripes are with editing, especially in the first episode (I do not share the same complaints as those review-bombing the show for political reasons).


I’m reading again! Not books currently but personal blogs. I love the bite-sized, practical tidbits offered by the community. With all of these news “frameworks” out (Astro, Fresh, 11ty, Enhance), I’m seeing a revival of interest in the personal blog. You love to see it. Some choice articles I’ve found particularly enlightning lately:


I worked on refactoring my blog, going for a more Spartan feel. It’s an open work-in-progress, and there’s much more to be done to improve performance, accessibility, and whimsy. I licensed the typeface Söhne, which just goes a long way to make my site feel more special. It’s open-source as well, you can view the source on GitHub.