A high-fidelity mockup of the ProSource website homepage on a laptop.

ProSource Rebrand & Design System

A polished brand identity and design system for a technology services provider based in Orlando, FL.
My role
Responsible for visual design, brand & content guidelines, brand assets, and helped develop mission statement and brand attributes.
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May 2021–Sept 2021


When I started at ProSource, the company pitched itself as a soup to nuts IT provider for every industry. As the team complexity changed and became more specialized, our client demographic shifted. By 2021, over half of our clients were in healthcare or a healthcare-adjacent industry.

To capitalize on this high-complexity industry — and other industries with similar complexity — where we knew our impact would be greatest, we overhauled the ProSource brand to reflect our narrower marketing focus.

Brand Attributes

In collaboration with the leadership team, we developed new brand attributes based on these characteristics:

  • Culture — how we want other customers to perceive us.
  • Customer — how we describe our target customers.
  • Voice — our tone when we communicate with customers.
  • Benefit — how we help customers with our services.
  • Value — the measurable impact our customers receive from us.
  • X-Factor — what separates us from the competition.
New ProSource business cards mockup. The side with contact details is shown with a white background a dark gray background.

Mission Statement

Thoughtful IT solutions that put people first.

We developed a culture guide to help us actualize these new brand attributes.

Target Customers

The largest segment of our customers are healthcare or healthcare-adjacent companies. Eventually, we expanded our focus to include engineering, finance, and manufacturing customers.

We created user personas for the new brand, which helped during the website redesign process. You can read more about the user personas here.

Redesigned Assets

Working closely with a logo designer, I helped shape the design of the new ProSource logo. I identified a new typeface for our digital assets. The logo and all ProSource content are set in Moderat by TIGHTYPE. I chose it for its geometric shape, which suits a technology company well. It’s playful, too, without looking immature. Overall, the new typeface and the simplified ProSource logomark lend to a much more approachable design.

After our new brand was formalized, I began the process of updating all marketing/sales assets with the new colors, typography guidelines, and logo.

New ProSource business cards mockup. The side with contact details is shown with a white background a dark gray background.

You may notice 1s and 0s on the contact details side — it says ProSource in binary.

Design System

To expedite website development, I created a basic design system with reusable components:

  • Typography and type scale
  • Colors — in light/dark modes
  • Spacing system
  • Button system
  • Some reusable molecules and organisms, like mega-menus, CTAs, and footers
A screenshot showcasing the letters, numbers, and symbols of the Moderat typeface.

A portion of the typography guidelines created for ProSource in the Moderat typeface.

Tools & Technologies

The following tools and technologies were used for the ProSource rebrand project:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud suite (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) for all digital and print collateral
  • Figma for the design system components
  • Maizzle for the email, ticket, and newsletter templates


To attract bigger targets, we needed a brand that felt trustworthy, approachable, and premium. The new brand identity, collateral, and websites outclass other IT companies in the space.


  • Redesigned over 45 web/print/digital/uniform brand assets and updated all internal tools with the new brand logo, colors, and typeface.
  • Redesigned over 60 employee email signatures, newsletter templates, invoice email templates and help desk ticket templates with the new brand design.
  • Created a basic design system with reusable components for website projects.
A picture of the ProSource logo display in Times Square, New York City.

ProSource celebrated 15 years in style with a banner proudly displayed in Times Square.